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Walk in. Turn on lights. Play!

Play 1.5 hours a day.
Every Day.
For about $1.50 a day.

Our Court Can Be Your Court

2 Stunning Hard Courts
Play Every Day
Beautiful Viewing Area
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Recently resurfaced, our hard courts play medium to slow and are well lit and well ventilated, making for fun, quality tennis.
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Conveniently located 5 minutes from White River and 10 minutes from Hanover, you can easily park, play, shower, and leave refreshed.
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High speed Internet in our Member Business Center makes it possible to show up early and get work done in our comfortable lounge area.
Warm, Friendly Atmosphere
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Answers to Questions You May Have

What exactly is Our Court? We’re a private, member-owned, two-court, indoor tennis club located in White River Junction, Vermont. You need to be a member to play, or to be a guest of a member.

How many members are in the club? We currently have about 120 Equity Members and 15 Associate Members.

What are the benefits of joining? First and foremost, you get to play a lot of tennis. Equity Members can play every day -- if court time is available -- for 1.5 hours. We’re also quite reasonably priced. If you join as a full Equity Member and play every day for a year, it would cost you about $1.50 per day.

What is an Associate Membership? If you don’t want to make the commitment to become an Equity Member and pay a one-time fee, we have alternative ways to join called Associate Memberships.  Annual dues, however, are a bit higher.

What are your facilities like? We have two well-lit hard courts, freshly re-painted in U.S. Open blue. There are showers and a large viewing area with a kitchen, tables to work at, and highspeed Internet.

Do you offer lessons and clinics? Yes. Our email newsletter will keep you current on what we’re offering and which area pros are available.

Is the club easy to get to? We’re about five minutes from downtown White River and ten minutes from downtown Hanover. About half a mile past the VA.

Do you offer contract time? No. Everyone has equal opportunity to play during any time slot, unless they are reserved for clinics, lessons, or USTA events.

How do you book a court?  Members log online and can book a court 5 days ahead of time during whatever time slots are available. Time slots run for 1.5 hours.

Can I stop by and see what the club looks like? Sure. Just shoot an email to our Manager and set up a time to meet. We'll be happy to show you around and give you some free passes to play.

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