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our court - membership

You Can Join In One of 4 Ways:

1. Equity Membership:

Purchasing an Equity Membership is a one time purchase. As a share holder of the club, you will be entitled to our lowest annual fees. You will be part owner of this facility! When you decide to leave, you can sell your membership. As an owner you can make referrals for credit on your annual dues, be able to 'shelve' your membership or to sell your playing rights.

You have the right to vote and help run this club.

EQUITY MEMBERSHIP $350 (one time purchase)
after purchase, the equity member pays yearly maintenance fees.

2015/16 yearly fee $575.00. (Fiscal season: Oct. 1st-Sept. 30th)

New members have their fees pro-rated at time of purchase. Please fill out an application form.

You can also purchase directly from a member who is selling their equity share.

2. Associate Membership

Associate fees (from time of application)
1 Year: $775.00
6 Month: $500.00
3 Month: $300.00
Trial 3-month Associate Membership
Fee: $275.00 (this can be credited towards a 6 mo or 1 year associate dues)

3. Guest

Guests can visit four (4x) a month

Play with member for $15.00 (1.5 hr.)
singles or doubles!

Junior (12- 21 yrs) for $10.00 (1.5 hr.)
under 12 yrs. free!

4. Use someone's Playing Rights.

Sometimes an Equity Owner decides they do not want to use their playing rights for the season and sells them. The Receiver is considered an Associate Member but pays the Equity Owner directly for their right to use the courts. This is good for one season only.