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Our Court continues to follow the rules set forth by the Governor of Vermont to operate our facility.

Members can book courts but they must read and

agree to abide by these rules before they can make a reservation.

Click the link below to read the rules.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!




Updated information here regarding quarantine requirements, vaccinated individuals, and cross-border travel

Information here for members living in border towns  


Welcome back to our New Hampshire members! 

In order to stay open and have a safe environment while at Our Court, we must all follow the Covid-19 protocols. All of them, all the time. With winter here it is more important than ever to adhere to them strictly! 

  • 15 minutes of overlap are built in between court times to facilitate the least amount of contact while exiting and entering the club. 

  • Upon entering the building, please go directly to one of the designated chairs in either the side rooms (2 spots) or upstairs (2 to the left, 4 to the right). These chairs have a boot tray in front of them. Do not change shoes in the hallway or on the court. Please limit the use of the hallway as a passage only.

  • Please end play in a timely manner, keeping in mind that there are 15 minutes between you and the next group. 

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times other than when actively playing.

  • Only use the locker room to use the facilities. One person at a time and please do wear your mask.

  • There is hand sanitizer on both courts and in the entryway. 

  • Please enter all players in the reservation system. We need to keep a log for contact tracing! Please cancel or change your booking if your plans change.

  • Guests are welcome at Our Court, but may play only if they have received their final COVID vaccine two or more weeks prior. The sponsoring member is responsible for entering the guest into the court reservation and must have contact information for all guests.


We wish all of you a very healthy and happy 2021!


Our Court Board

Judith Jackson

Rebecca Foulk

Susan Edwards

Lisa Durstin

Carol Williams

Amy Dexter

Rob Johnstone

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