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OC Member and former board member Josie Harper honored by Dartmouth

Josie was the first Athletic Director in the Ivy League

We have a new ball machine!

Our ball-saving efforts have paid off

Thanks to everyone for filling up the green cardboard boxes with your dead balls. RecycleBalls reported to us that we have saved 3,245 balls from ending up in the landfill. Keep 'em coming!


January 21, 2020

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                OC President

Subject:            email update

The board has approved and made some changes to the new pickle ball hours that members can play pickle ball . There will be no more blocked out time for just pickle ball rather the members can now book court two and play pickle ball during these hours if the court is available .


Monday - Friday from 11:30am -4:00 pm  Tuesday - Friday nights 7 pm and later .


Weekends Sat & Sunday  any time 


The court may  not be booked during these times Mon - Friday 7:00am , 8:30 am 10:00 am 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm 


I thank you for your understanding as we continue to get data how much interest there is at the club for pickle ball . A reminder we are having a tennis/pickle ball social this Friday night and some spots are still available so sign up on the reservation site if you are interested .


Michael Haxton 


cell 401-465-6738 

January 15, 2020


To:                     All Our Court members

From:                OC President

Subject:            email update

Dear Our Court Members ,

I want to give you an update on the one year pickle ball trial and other club activities going on at the club . At the annual meeting in Sept the membership approved painting pickle ball lines on court two . This was in response to members who played pickle ball as well as a request from the town of Hartford who rented the courts on Monday nights for pickle ball .  The tennis committee worked on a 3 month plan to allow pickle ball to be played but with very limited times available  .

During this 3 month period we had no members book the pickle ball court and only the Hartford Recreation department using  the courts on Monday nights . Members have  reached out to me asking why they could not play pickle ball except during the time slots that were allowed by the tennis committee and approved by the board. At the Jan tennis committee I recommended to the committee that we try a new three month plan that would allow pickle ball to be played at any time except during prime time that is listed as Monday  - Friday from 8:30am -11:30 am and 4:00 pm -7:00 pm otherwise you can play pickle ball at any other time during the week and any time during the weekends. You will just have to book court two and put down pickle ball .The club will not block out pickle ball only times any more and leave it up to the members that want to play pickle ball to book the court just like they do for tennis . I also recommended to the tennis committee that we drop the guest fees for pickle ball to be in line with the other clubs that are offering pickle ball and the new fee would be $ 6.00 for  90 min . Members can buy a 10 pack for $ 50  from the club or just have the guest pay $ 6.00 each time . This proposal I felt was a fair one for all of the membership and will give us a true accurate assessment of pickle ball interest at the club .  The tennis committee supported this plan and it was brought to the board last night at the monthly board meeting and approved by the board . So now pickle ball can be played any time except during those prime times mentioned above . 


I will be heading to Florida  on Jan 28 and will not be returning until Early May ,  Kathy Schellong will be  running the office why I am gone . Kathy will be sending me all the information and I will be able to track all guest fees paid and owed from Florida  . She will pick up the mail and   she also will be doing the bank deposits  as well as all the other work that she does for the club. I  want to personally  thank Kathy and so should you for all the work that she does .The best way to get a quick response back  with any questions that you may have is to send a email  to the account I will be checking them many times throughout the day and I can respond back to you or I will get another board member to reach out to you . Voice mail will be only checked when Kathy is in the office but remember she has a full time job and I am the one who is retired. If you want guest passes you still will send a email and I will have Kathy leave them on the door for you .  The monthly board meetings will be run by our Vice President Judith Jackson and I can Skype in if there is a major issue that needs to be discussed at the board meeting . 


We have a pickle ball / tennis social coming up next  Friday  Jan 24, 5:30-8:30 and there are still 7 spots available please go to the reservation site and sign up if you are interested . This is free for members and significant others and we will provide the beer and wine and ask that you bring food to share . The Dec one was a big success and we only heard positive comments so that is why we are having another one in Jan . The tennis committee and myself will run this one.

In closing I hope you all have a great winter and I will think of you when I see the report that you are getting hit with 6-8 inches of snow and I am out on the tennis and pickle ball courts putting sun screen on so I do not get a sun burn .


Michael Haxton 


cell 401-465-6738 

January 11, 2020


To:                     All Our Court members

From:                OC Board of Directors

Subject:            highlights from December board meeting (see full minutes on Board Meeting page)



The club finances are stable and we were able to pay off a loan to purchase the sweeper machine early.


The tennis committee hosted a new format open doubles in December. The next open doubles will be January 6, 2020 5:30-7PM. This will be men and women players and partners will be randomly assigned and changed every 4 games. Both courts are reserved. 8 players may sign up using the usual court sign up or via the event button. A tennis committee member will lead the event. Please cancel by Monday noon if you cannot come. If you are on the wait list, you will receive an e mail that a spot is open but you must actively sign up. The tennis committee leader will check number of players and add tennis committee volunteers if needed. Our goal is to meet members and new members are especially encouraged to attend.


You must cancel by Monday noon if you cannot come for this to work.


Equity members may have a junior member added for $125 a year starting October 1 and prorated if they join later in the year. The is been only for children of a member but the board approved allowing equity members to add on junior members who are not their child. The responsible adult must be at the club with the junior member

January 1, 2020


To:                     All Our Court members

From:                OC President

Subject:            email update


Happy New Year ,

 I want to update the membership as to the status of our membership . We will be saying good bye to 14 former equity members as their lives have changed and are either moving away or not playing enough tennis any more to keep an equity membership . Those members are Charlie Acker ,Douglas Barnickel , Lucie Bourdon, Richard Bourdon , Nan Cochran , Dick Corr , Karen Didricksen , Carolyn Fleury , Renate Gundermann ,

Suzane Merrill , Doug Moore , Michael Okeefe , Nikhil Raos , Dorris Yates, 

We welcome 6 new equity members Jeff Hastings , Kathy Yost , Katherine Babbott , Helen Ainsworth , Paul Shriver , Tom Muttitt ,  We also welcome 3 new associate members Richard Neugass , Ryan Chappuis , Travis Adams ,  and one playing rites member Cindy Bolduc .


Last year we had 133 equity members as of Today Jan 1 we have 125 equity members . 


Michael Haxton 


cell 401-465-6738

November 20, 2019

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Welcome to the 2019/20 OC year!

 The full minutes from the Our Court October 8,2019 meeting are posted under the members only section of our web site

Below are highlights from the meeting

Officers elected are

President Mike Haxton

Vice President Judith Jackson

Treasure Rick Cecchetti

Secretary Susan Edwards

Pickle ball lines will be drawn on court 2. Members may sign up to play pickle during designated pickle times. These times were chosen based on lowest tennis usage over the past year. Specified pickle sign up is on the same tennis sign up computer site. The times allotted for pickle are:

Friday  7 PM​

Sunday 7 AM, 7 PM

Monday 11:30 AM, 7 PM(Hartford Rec)

Tuesday 1 PM

Thursday 8:30 AM

The pickle ball policy will be reviewed in 6 months


The 3 month associate membership fee was lowered to $300. People can only purchase associate memberships in 3 month blocks


Equity members may reserve courts 7 days in advance and associate members 5 days in advance. Only equity members may reserve the viewing space for personal events


Computer tips of the month


!. There are new tabs on the scheduling site beside the tab to view daily schedules. Check them out. Use the event tab to sign up for Our Court clinics. You can sign up for weeks in advance with no limit. One cannot view who else has signed up-just the number of people. Only RVC pros can see the names due the functionality of our computer systems.

2. Wait list. When you sign up for a court and your preferred time is booked, check the wait list. If the court is cancelled, you get an e mail that it is now open.

October 2019

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Trial of Pickleball

The first Board Meeting of the fiscal year since the vote-in of new Board Members is Oct 8th, at 7:00pm.  As always, all members are welcome to attend.  The primary agenda item will be a review of the plan for the trial of Pickleball play at Our Court.  The proposal was developed by the Tennis Committee with input from members.  See proposal .  Board Members are now tasked with taking it under consideration and voting to approve or send back to committee. 

August 2019

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Annual Meeting 2019

There is evidence of fall in the air and we have certainly enjoyed some beautiful weather this summer and hope everyone is getting a chance to play tennis outdoors and indoors. Over the past year the organization has been settling into a member management approach for the club, and we have learned new things and continue to make improvements every day. We have appreciated everyone’s patience and support during the transition and continue to welcome feedback and participation through our established committees (see Board Meeting page)


Currently we are 140 total members of all types and are up approximately 10 members from last year’s annual meeting. Interest in membership has been growing stronger in the past year with the addition of both individual and families joining the club.

Financially, the club is expecting to add approximately $20,000 to its reserve fund, which has not been added to in more than two years. In addition, the finance committee is consolidating the small debt we have on the building, taking advantage of lower interest rates, and preparing for more building improvements and repairs in the coming years.


Before the end of this fiscal year, Our Court will see the installation of a new efficient heating system for the club house, on-demand hot water system to replace an inefficient hot water tank, and a new heater on Court 1, which has seen several failures over the past two years. Window replacement, new carpet, interior painting, and the installation of a new door access system will be the focus in the coming year. In addition, we are reviewing our cleaning contract and have plans for increased cleaning of the club house and court cleaning frequency. These important changes will help maintain a clean, safe and attractive facility.


Our challenges moving forward will be engaging the continued support of members to take on critical functions of the club, such as contract and vendor management, business and administrative functions, and member communication and management. Within the budget proposed, we have allocated money for member stipends to recognize those individuals dedicating their time and effort to these critical functions and funds for a management company if needed.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting on September 15th! 



AJ Horvath, President
Mike Haxton, Vice President Rick Cecchetti, Treasurer Vicky Beggs, Secretary
Iris Berezin, Interim Secretary Josie Harper
Susan Edwards

March 2019

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Board updates/news


Welcome to March everyone and hope everyone is getting a chance to play tennis.   Over the past several months the organization has been adjusting to a volunteer management approach for the club, and we are still learning new things and making improvements every day.  We have appreciated everyone’s patience and support during the transition and continue to welcome feedback and participation through our established committees


Currently we are 141 total members of all types and are up approximately 10 members from the annual meeting.  It has been great to observe the positive energy from many in assisting with recruiting new members and other essential club activities.  A special thanks to Kathy Schellong for taking on streamlining our financial reporting and bill paying processes.  We have posted the December club financials and a report from Rick Cecchetti, Treasurer, for your review via the link below.  We will be finalizing and approving February financials at our March Board meeting and these will be posted once approved.


Unofficially, club revenue is up, relative to the same period last year through February, by approximately $10,000 due to member dues, RVC clinics and guest fee collection.  Expenses are down by approximately $10,000 over the same period due to reductions in property taxes and savings from the manager position, giving the club an improved bottom line of approximately $20,000 through February.  The end result is an improvement in cash position for the club that will allow for some needed improvement to begin in the Spring.


Upcoming this March:

  • Tennis clinics for 3.0/3.5 and 4.0+ and Stoke of the Week on Wednesdays (6th,13th,20th,27th) – See online schedule and sign-up information on the Court Reservation Website.

  • Tennis Committee meeting on March 7th from 5:15 to 6:30 PM at the club

  • Boarding meeting on March 11th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at the club

  • The board has approved a request from Windsor High School to use both courts from 8:30-11:30 March 19-March 22 Tuesday-Friday for an intensive introduction to tennis.  We did the same last year for Hanover High. An Our Court member is leading the high school students. The board decided it was a good community service and hopefully will increase tennis participation in the Upper Valley. We do not recruit the schools as local high schools have intensive fun classes the morning of that March week. The board agreed that we allow only one week per year for this type of program. We are aware this is prime playing time for members but hope alternate times can be found for games those 4 mornings.

  • Hartford and Lebanon High School will also begin their pre-season tennis practices toward the end of the month and these teams will be using court time in the evenings after 7PM when demand for courts is less.

Other Notes:


  1. One court heater had the pilot go out twice recently. The heater company has done some maintenance. However, if a heater stops working, you can increase the thermostat temperature on the second heater until the court temperature is 62. That usually takes about 30 minutes. Then turn the thermostat back to 62. PLEASE CALL AJ HORVATH (603.443.0054) OR HUGHES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (802.281.9642) IF A HEATER STOPS WORKING.

  2. Cleaning. Hughes properties cleans twice a week. The entry area collects lots of fuzz with the heavy winter court use and needs vacuuming several times a day. If anyone has a few minutes to spare, the new vacuum is either in the closet by the bench or in the room with the sofa. Thanks. The board is aware the courts also need more frequent cleaning and are working on a solution.

  3. We have a list of improvements to be made this spring/summer such as replacing electric outlets, fixing doors, improving the locker rooms. Other hopes include painting the inside areas (not the courts) and new carpets. Please send your observations of needed repairs to the board via

December 21, 2018

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Board updates/news



Over 70 members have now registered on the web site. The board will reach out to those who have not done so. Once everyone is registered we can open up more functions. If you need help, contact Becky Horvath via the site.



There will be no guest fees for family members playing with a member December 22-December 31. Guests may play more often than the usual once a week during this time. Please sign in your guests on line and on paper at the court. Indicate family member on the paper sign up.



Please remember to sign up both on line and on paper at the court. You can revise on line players before your court time. If you have guests, include the name. If someone is a frequent guest, we contact her to discuss membership benefits.

Guest fee collections have improved. Many thanks to the membership. Guest forms are in the white notebook at the desk next to court entry. Fill out form and place with fee or guest pass in the envelope in the guest box.



If you have frequent guests, consider a book of 10 guest passes for $125. This is $2.50 less than an individual pass. To purchase and you will be emailed back with instructions for picking up the passes.



One court was used Mondays 7-9 PM for pickle ball organized by Hartford Rec Department. It was a success and another session is planned for Jan7-Feb 25. Our Court does receive money from Hartford for the court rental.



Some lights in the upstairs viewing area will be replaced. One flickers due to a faulty fixture. An electrician has been contacted.

Dead balls. There is a labeled blue bin on each court for obviously dead balls. Members please help clear out nonplayable balls. The dead balls are then recycled to dog parks and schools and nursing homes.

Any housekeeping concerns, put a note on the white board on the office door.

Please no boots or other dirty winter outside shoes in locker rooms. Flip flops in your tennis bag?


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS contact information on the members page of web site

Michael O’Keefe and daughter Phelan 435-659-7641

Amy Dexter 860-248-1042

Tom Allingham 860-318-5253

Tom Powers 802-473-6552

Kathy Stearns  603-203-1355

November 13, 2018

To:                     All Our Court members

From:                Our Court Board of Directors

Subject:            Board updates/news


The Our Court Board has been enthusiastically working not only on our Club’s goals of sustainability, but also on growing membership and vitality.  We will be emailing regular news/updates to members over the next few weeks, so all can be informed of the many changes and activities happening at Our Court, with the ultimate goal being, however, to replace multiple emails with a single, up-to-date point for communication.  We are hoping that the new Our Court website can become the “go-to” place for members to find any/all information about club activities, Board decisions, financials, volunteer efforts, player contacts, etc.  In addition, there is a password protected “member page” where you can find details about club operations and members.  Right now, about 70 out of 129 equity members have gotten onto the website and signed in as members.  


Watch for weekly emails from the Board (subject line: “Did you Know?”) with key updates and information!!  These emails will also be posted on this page of the website so that you don’t have to hunt through your inbox to find something of interest.

206 Kline Drive

White River Jct., VT


PO Box 1376

WRJ, VT 05001