Due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19, we are currently allowing only fully vaccinated guests to play at Our Court. 



Guests are encouraged and welcomed to Our Court as a way of engaging with the extended tennis community of the Upper Valley, offering exposure of the club to potential new members, and for member fun with family and friends.The following guest policies are intended to facilitate member value, equity of guest access, and ongoing growth of Our Court:


Definition:  Any person who engages in play on court who does not hold an equity membership, associate membership, assigned playing rights, or is a contracted provider of service, is considered a Guest.  All guests shall be sponsored by either an Equity Member, Associate Member, or contracted OC Professional.

Privileges:  Guests may enjoy court play with member(s), participation in OC sponsored professional instruction or coaching, participation in tennis socials/events, participation in leagues/tournaments, and being a player on an OC USTA team.  Guests also have access to the use of facilities (exercise room, locker room, viewing/kitchen room).  

Guest Fees:     Fees shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors and communicated to all members along with the guest policies.

Adult:  $15 per 1 ½ hrs. of play

Youth age 12-21:  $10 per 1 ½ hrs. of play

Youth under age 12:  free

Passes:  Guest passes may be submitted in lieu of the guest fee.  Passes are released at the discretion of the Board of Directors in keeping with the goals of guest engagement for such things as special events, organized play/clinics/leagues, open houses or new member recruitment activities.

Fee Collection:  Payment and/or collection of fees shall be the responsibility of the member.  Guest fees/pass shall be paid electronically via the reservation system (guest name must be entered and designated as a guest) at the time the reservation is made.

Access:   Guests shall be limited to a maximum of four visits of play per month.  Guest play only occurs via member(s) invite or sign-up to an organized activity or event.  Guests shall not be given the access code/key to the building nor access to the reservation system.  Sponsors shall be present in the facility at all times with his/her guest, always leaving after the guest has left.



In keeping with the club goal of providing consistent opportunities for skill development, both individual and group activities are available.   The following policies are intended to facilitate member value, equity of access to professional instruction, and ongoing growth of Our Court.


Coached Team Practice: Play, skill development, and strategy instruction for a team by a certified coach.

CTA League:  Community Tennis Association (local not-for-profit group sponsored by USTA).  Summer social/competitive league for tennis clubs to host matches that engage all local tennis players.

Doubles with a Pro:  Doubles play with one of the four players being a certified tennis professional.

Ladder:  A system for ranking players and engaging competitive play by arranged challenge matches and the wins/losses result in movement up or down the ladder.

League: Organized play for competition between individuals and/or teams.

Member Clinic:  Professional tennis instruction for OC member participation.

Open Clinic:  Professional tennis instruction for member and non-member participation.

Professional Tennis Instruction:  Training, coaching, and skill development services by certified tennis professionals with individuals (private lesson) or groups (clinic).

Sponsored Pro:  A certified tennis professional who provides services under contract (service agreement) with Our Court.

USTA Teams:  Competitive team play sponsored by United States Tennis Association.  Regional club teams consist of ranked players, competing locally, with opportunity to advance to national competition.



A.  Club sponsored activities

The Tennis Committee of the Board of Directors plans and coordinates varied options for tennis instruction and organized play at the club.  With ongoing member feedback and evaluation of the activities, the Committee recommends the fee structures, schedules, and advance booking needs to the Board of Directors.  As needed to facilitate the activities, tennis professionals can be engaged in a service agreement by the Board of Directors which details the payment and scope of work to be provided.

B.  Member self-directed activities

Members may coordinate their own activities and events in accordance with member rights and privileges.  S/he may invite tennis professionals at any time for a private lesson or clinic, or team practice.  Payment for professional instruction is conducted between the member and the pro.  Guest fees apply to non-member participants, including the pro if s/he is not a club-sponsored professional.  Court reservations are in keeping with standard policy for reserving a court.  Facility rental cost is in accordance with Board established fees.